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Klaus in his office

NMR Ramblings      


General Information

Well, I thought I would just sit in my office and ramble along randomly on some topics related to Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR). (In case there is doubt, I am shown above on the left; on the right a Troll seen at Trollstigen/Norway) As the list grows, I might try to bring order into the chaos:

Brief List of Topics


Some information on acetanilide.


The Dipolar Splitting Ratio method.
A modern version of my old DSR program for MS DOS


What the ... (insert your favourite swear word) is wrong with my spectrum? I am trying here to collect spectra that did not turn out as expected, together with possible causes. You are welcome to send some specimens.

Point Groups

An online quiz showing various molecules and asking for the point groups.


This page contains some information on an article that some of my colleagues and me wrote on Practical Aspects of Solid State NMR. A PDF version of the article can be downloaded.


Some information on processing of NMR spectra, with examples for download. The focus will be on using TopSpin for these purposes.

Radiation Damping

Not being an expert on high-resolution NMR, the effect of radiation damping played a few tricks on me. This page shows a few of the effects and provides links for further information.

Spin Systems

Is anything beyond a doublet a multiplet?
Spin-spin coupling constants contain important structural information. However, depending on the spin system, this information is sometimes hard to get. Here, we are collecting some hints and tricks.


This page contains some information on specifying tensor quantities in NMR, especially chemical shift tensors and electric field gradient tensors (quadrupolar interaction), as well as some comments on Euler angles. The information presented there will be useful to users of some of my programs as well as users of the program SIMPSON.
There are also some forms that assist in the calculation and conversion of some parameters:
Converter between Shift Tensor Conventions
Quadrupolar Parameters

Visualizing Tensors

How to display tensors obtained from experiment or theoretical calculations

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