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SpecMake: NMR files from images

Version 1.1.13 (30.07.2021)
Contents: [General - Examples - Changes - Availability]



To give you an idea how it works:

Scan in the part of a publication containing the desired spectrum, or extract the figure with the spectrum from an online PDF article (in this case from Inorg. Chem. 1996, 35, 3905, DOI 10.1021/ic960095z).


Use your favorite drawing software to remove everything except for the spectrum itself.

Use SpecMake to generate the real part of an NMR spectrum.

If appropriate, SpecMake applies a Hilbert transformation to generate the imaginary part of the spectrum...

...so that one could do an inverse Fourier transformation to create an FID out of the scanned picture (not included in SpecMake)

Changes 1.1.13 (30.07.2021)


SpecMake is available in two flavors:

  1. Download the setup program for SpecMake (1.0 MB). Administrator privileges may be necessary to run the installer. To install SpecMake, transfer the package to your PC into a directory of our choice and execute the installer. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  2. Download the portable version of SpecMake (0.8 MB) and extract the zip file into a subdirectory of your choice.

If you have problems, please feel free to contact us. Also, we would be glad to receive other feedback, e.g. bug reports, features you are missing but might be included in later versions, or questions. You could use, for example, the questionnaire in the help file as a template for your reply.

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